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Too Many Babies?

September 28th, 2008 |

AMID panic over soaring rice prices and worries about whether the Philippines, the world’s biggest rice importer, can secure enough supplies, the results of the latest census have diverted blame towards a perennial culprit: overpopulation. The figures put the population at almost 89m when the census was taken last August, up from 77m in 2000. That means it has been growing at just over 2% annually since then. That rate is below the 2.3% annual growth of the 1990s and the 3% of the 1960s. But it is still faster than expected. Some analysts think the census undercounted, especially among poorer Filipinos. The population may now be up to 93m.

Every hour, then, the country has an extra 200 little mouths to feed. And increasing numbers of them are being born into grinding poverty. Other new government figures show that the number of people scraping by on less than $1 a day has risen by 16% since 2003, to 28m. More people mean more houses, which means less land to grow crops. The government this month imposed a temporary ban on building on farmland, as it revives its attempt to achieve self-sufficiency in rice.

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3 Responses to “Too Many Babies?”

  1. Emmanuel Borela Says:

    I agree- we need to enforce education, family planning
    in the Philippines.
    90 million people in a very small island republic is too much.

    How many schools , hospitals , have we built ?
    some provinces have only 1-2 hospitals – There are not
    even health care in each towns. The government cannot
    even provide for basic things, whey are they not curving the
    population ?? this is grave neglect of government so shortsighted
    never think of future of the children.
    even the OFW’s are not the answer- they are also suffering being
    separated from families. The politicians are happy thinking
    $$ are flowing from abroad but they did not count the number
    of social implications the people have. loneliness, break up of
    relationships ( no one has made studies on how many marriages hve
    broken with the long distance separation ) not the mention the children left in Philippines without parents supervision.
    Government should closely look on the future of the Philippines
    if they still have an ounce of morals left .

  2. deannica g. rivera Says:

    i was so empresed with your work i agree that to much population will lead us to poverty.the ogvernment should do something!why do we children of our nation experienced crisis evwen though wer still young?it’s because we people of our nation dont experience any good programs came from the government.
    why do brother filipino’s help each brother filipino’s? it’s beceus we all knew that they are so buzy with there money…..look in the world bank i think we have the biggest cridit. and where thus it go??i think i cannot have the best answer in the government.if we nhave the biggest cridit and for sure we are not experiencing crisis now a days.for poor people like me i am proud of being true to others and not being “playing safe” i guess u can get it.

    true politician can help us as what god says “dont be honor with dress you wear,and dont be proud because people honor you because what god’s do?? is being a part of the people who are SUFFERING.


  3. Ron Dean Says:

    Why single out the Philippines ? Most every country , especially poverty stricken ones ,
    are overpopulating themselves . In the meantime , governments , big business , and every
    religious group , call for more population ( consumers ) . World leaders , are acting as if
    everything is just fine . They seem to feel that it is unavoidable that mankind will destroy the earth . Where does this line of thinking originate from ? If we look back
    in history , and identify the origins of destroying the Earth , then possibly we can find
    a better line of thinking . Possibly one that thinks about cleaning and protecting our
    home . A thought about the world that we are leaving to our grandchildren . How we
    view our history , seems to be the biggest influence , on how we view the future .
    We can look to examples like Easter Island , and learn from past mistakes , and not
    just repeat them . The voice of the people , can effect governments , big business ,
    and every religious group , but not if we remain a species divided , about how we
    view our history . Wake up world , one species , one history , one future . Ron

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