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A Lonely Voice Against Overpopulation

March 11th, 2013 |

The People Problem
See: http://current.mnsun.com/2013/02/108242/

Forget about global warming. Forget about saving the ice caps, or the whales, or the rainforest. It all doesn’t matter, says one Richfield-based activist who has made it his life’s work to let the world know: “Whatever your cause, it’s a lost cause.”

David Paxson has a metronome app on his iPhone at the ready in case he needs to reinforce his point. The tool ticks at 147 beats-per-minute, roughly the net rate at which the world’s population is growing, notes Paxson, a Richfield resident of 32 years.

Paxson has spent the last 20 focusing on one underlying message, he explained during an interview in a noisy coffee shop:

“We’re headed toward this cliff of collapse pretty fast.”

Unless, that is, “we stop population growth and reduce population.”

Paxson is part of a quiet chorus around the world that warns of the dangers of overpopulation. They point to depleting aquifers and energy reserves and farmland and to a coming humanitarian crisis if something isn’t done to curb the growth.

They address the truth that there is only so much room to live and so many rocks to mine and so much water to tap on one planet, and that there are more and more souls demanding those resources.

Paxson may be the loudest voice in Minnesota sending that message – neither he nor supporters interviewed were aware of anyone as active with the cause.

It was 20 years ago following “a moment of clarity” that Paxson founded World Population Balance, an organization operating with a skeleton crew out of Central Education Center in Richfield.

Paxson, who has worked in real estate, financial planning and at the Center for Population Studies at the University of Minnesota, recalled his moment of inspiration, when a minister asked him, “What are you really concerned about in this world?”

What concerned Paxson was not a new realization.

He thought back to the 1970s, when he says his father first came upon warnings about overpopulation. The best-selling book, “The Population Bomb,” had come out a few years prior and his father told him that had he known better, he wouldn’t have had all three of his children. Paxson understood.

“And I’m the youngest,” he said.

To read the full article, please click here: http://current.mnsun.com/2013/02/108242/



2 Responses to “A Lonely Voice Against Overpopulation”

  1. Lichen Lab Says:

    I hope all who are concerned about relentless ravaging human overpopulation KEEP talking about IT. Denial is what most humans
    want to do about it BUT when we run out of water and land and food in the next 50+ years (I am talking on a global scale)….yeah, won’t be so pretty. We’re into overshoot folks, and need to KEEP talking about this whole overpopulation issue as it will not go away any time soon.
    If you care about children 3 generations from now, KEEP talking about growth restriction or all they will inherit is a almost dead planet.

  2. lori lathrop Says:

    Just read Dan Browns book Inferno – he has brought the over population problem to the masses – anybody with a functioning brain will realize the danger we are in as a species. Note to the author I’m sure your father doesn’t wish you weren’t here!!! I knew about the problem because I went hiking in the swiss alps with a brilliant man when I was in my early twenties and he took the time to talk to me about it. So my husband and I only replaced our selves with two kids…. I can not imagine having more kids they NEED so MUCH from day one – it takes a lot of work to raise a loving, caring, compassionate, healthy child. Why are we giving bigger tax breaks to people who have six kids… this needs to stop!!! Changing tax law isn’t going to be enough – for a while there should be a restriction on the number of kids families can have even if it’s three it will still help….. I know so many people who have five or more children…. C R A Z Y

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