PMC works with other individuals and organizations doing tremendous work.

PMC feels privileged to work in a field with so many other individuals and organizations dedicated to making a difference. It’s impossible to list all the people we work with, but we do want to note some of the organizations and networks of which PMC is a member.

Clinton Global Initiative
PMC was proud to receive a complimentary membership to the Clinton Global Initiative. PMC has made a CGI commitment to produce a radio serial drama in Haiti, which will be PMC’s second serial drama in Haiti. PMC was also part of the Segal Family Foundation’s commitment announced in 2013 to fund a radio soap opera in Burundi aimed at improving the lives of women and children through behavior change messaging.

Girls Not Brides
PMC is also a member of the Girls Not Brides coalition. PMC addresses child marriage in a number of serial dramas and also includes work around this issue in our issues advocacy work. Each year approximately 15 million girls are married before they turn 18. Girls are often married without their consent.

Post Growth Alliance
PMC is a member of the Post Growth Alliance. The Post Growth Alliance is a network of organizations all interested in exploring and inspiring paths to global prosperity that don’t rely on economic growth, but rather build and empower a broad-based global movement for identifying, inspiring, and implementing new approaches to global well-being.

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