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PMC produces a monthly eNews, released the third Tuesday of each month. Click on the links below to view eNews issues of interest to you.

August 2014: Alex & Jean Sacha Leave for Bujumbura

July 2014: Food, Music, and Dancing in Burundi

June 2014: Expanding to Reach More People in Nigeria

May 2014: Sex, Soap Operas, and Social Change

April 2014: Lessons from Burundi

March 2014: Bringing People To Life: Radio Dramas Informing Societal Norms

February 2014: Haiti Radio Soap Opera Raising Awareness About Child Slaves

January 2014: 15 Years of Telling Stories and Changing Lives

April 2013: Sex and Environmentalism, Earth Day 2013

March 2013: 4 Stars Awarded to PMC

February 2013: US Premiere of  “Ultimo Año” Tonight on Tr3s: MTV Musica y Mas

January 2013: Changing Behaviors, Changing Lives in the New Year!

November 2012: A Year of Success in Sierra Leone

September 2012: Halima: How I Survived Obstetric Fistula

August 2012: Vote for PMC’s PSAs Today!

June 2012: Two New Programs are Underway in Burkina Faso

April 2012: Celebrate Earth Day with PMC

March 2012: PMC Launches New Program and  Radio Studio in Sierra Leone, Africa

February 2012: Help Find the Balance, PMC Launches New Animated Video

September 2011: Population 7 Billion: It’s Time to Talk!

August 2011: PMC Unveils Climate Change Program in Vietnam

June 2011: Grey’s Anatomy Writer-Producer Visits PMC in Papua New Guinea

May 2011: New Beginning for Ethiopia’s Health Extension Workers

March 2011: Launch Celebration in Papua New Guinea

February 2011: Join Us: Speak Out on Population in February

January 2011: Interview With PMC Trainer Daour Wade

December 2010, Gloria Steinem Interview, PSA Airs During 60 Minutes

November 2010, Should You Care About Papua New Guinea

October 2010 Online Version: Wear a Condom Now…Save the Spotted Owl
October 2010 PDF Version: Wear a Condom Now…Save the Spotted Owl

June 2010, Online Football Game Launches to Global Audience

April 2010, PMC Ethiopia Celebrates 10 Years

December 2009, Create Hope, Inspire Change, Build a Better World

September 2009, Listeners React to PMC’s Program in Rwanda

April 2009, PMC Explores Developing a Program in Papua New Guinea

January 2009, PMC Receives a Flood of Listeners’ Letters in Ethiopia

October 2008, Electronic Games Take on Violence Against Women

August 2008, Nigeria – “Ruwan Dare” After One Year

May 2008, Qualitative Evaluation of “Outta Road”

April 2008, PMC Celebrates 10 Years

February 2008, Mexico Results

January 2008 Enews, Vietnam Training and Storylines

November 2007, PMC Receives Funding for Two Programs in Senegal

October 2007 Enews – Rare Radio Acquisition

August, 2007, PMC-Ethiopia Holds Training Workshop with Religious Leaders on the Issue of Female Circumcision

July 2007, PMC Launches Their Second Radio Serial Drama in Nigeria

June 2007, Impact of “Paginas da Vida,” in Brazil

May 2007, Results from PMC’s Program in Nigeria, “Gugar Goge”

March 2007, Qualitative Evaluation of PMC’s Program in Nigeria, “Gugar Goge”

February 2007, PMC Training in Rwanda

January 2007, Kokari – a Young Boy from Niger and his Story of how PMC’s Program Changed his Life


2010/2011 Annual Report

In 2010-2011, PMC had projects in Brazil, Burkina Faso, Caribbean, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Senegal, Sierra Leone, the United States, Vietnam and a worldwide electronic game.

2010/2011 Annual Report (PDF, 5.5 MB)

Soap Operas for Social Change to Prevent HIV/AIDS

This training guide is designed to be used by journalists and media personnel to plan and execute the production and broadcast of Sabido-style entertainment-education serial dramas for HIV/AIDS prevention, especially among women and girls.

Using the Media to Achieve Reproductive Health and Gender Equity

In 2005, as a companion piece to the training guide, PMC developed a manual documenting best practices in the application of the Sabido methodology of behavior change via entertainment-education.

Read more about these guides and download »