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Whole Society Strategy

Population Media Center is a pioneer in programming with a message. PMC is now taking the Sabido Methodology to a new level by introducing the Whole Society Strategy.

The Whole Society Strategy (WSS) combines print, television, radio, music, and new media with training for clinic workers, journalists and television reporters to reweave a country’s mythology concerning sexuality, the role of women and family size.

WSS begins with audience research to target each language, cultural, tribal, and economic segment of a national population with the media they utilize. That information is combined with sophisticated audience targeting and two decades of experience in cross-promotions, audience analysis, and advertising and public relations.

The result is an integrated, nation-wide or region-wide message that can impact the context of thinking about all aspects of family and reproductive health– sexuality, family size, AIDS protection, and women’s rights.


2010/2011 Annual Report

In 2010-2011, PMC had projects in Brazil, Burkina Faso, Caribbean, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Senegal, Sierra Leone, the United States, Vietnam and a worldwide electronic game.

2010/2011 Annual Report (PDF, 5.5 MB)

Soap Operas for Social Change to Prevent HIV/AIDS

This training guide is designed to be used by journalists and media personnel to plan and execute the production and broadcast of Sabido-style entertainment-education serial dramas for HIV/AIDS prevention, especially among women and girls.

Using the Media to Achieve Reproductive Health and Gender Equity

In 2005, as a companion piece to the training guide, PMC developed a manual documenting best practices in the application of the Sabido methodology of behavior change via entertainment-education.

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