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Inter-Regional Training

In 2003, PMC implemented a project for UNFPA on a region-wide basis in Africa and Asia to assist local FM and community radio stations to address HIV/AIDS and reproductive health issues through entertainment-education.

The project included training workshops in the use of entertainment-education techniques for community radio producers and representatives from selected NGOs.

Under this project, personnel from radio stations and NGOs in eight African countries received training at a workshop in Johannesburg in March 2003. They were Angola, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria and South Africa.

Six Asian countries participated in a similar workshop in Manila in May 2003. They were Cambodia, Mongolia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, and Vietnam.

As part of the project, PMC produced a report of a needs assessment, Strengthening Partnerships among Local FM Radio Networks and Reproductive Health Agencies on HIV/AIDS.

In follow up to the workshops, PMC has developed long-running social-content serial drama projects with several of the participants.