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Cesiri Tono Results

At the conclusion of Cesiri Tono, focus groups were conducted throughout the region to assess the drama’s impact on the lives of listeners. While the quantitative research is fundamental to PMC’s work, the qualitative research involving focus groups is essential to understanding the personal influence of our storylines. For some listeners, the drama was their only source of information on child trafficking.

A post-broadcast survey was conducted in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Côte d’Ivoire to determine what effect listening to the drama had on the audience’s knowledge, attitudes, and behavior with regard to children’s rights, child trafficking and exmploitation, and related health and social problems.


  • 22% of respondents in Mali had listened to the drama, 10% of respondents in the Côte d’Ivoire had listened and 5% in Burkina Faso. This equates to over 5.5 million listeners if these percentages are reflective of national trends.

  • Exploitative Child Labor

  • Listeners in all three countries were more likely than non-listeners to have heard of exploitative child labor
  • graph-for-child-exploitation-awareness.jpg

    Girls Education

  • Listeners to Cesiri Tono were less likely to believe that boys should have priority over girls when it comes to education
  • graph-on-girls-ed.jpg

    Learn more about the results of this program. Download the Cesiri Tono Fact Sheet.