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PMC has teamed up with Tr3s: MTV Música y Más and MTV Latin America to present Ultimo Año, a 70-episode psychological thriller produced in Mexico City, Mexico. Ultimo Año will premiere on MTV Latin America on September 3rd, 2012 and subsequently in the United States through Tr3s: MTV Música y Más.

To develop the original story, PMC provided training in the Sabido methodology to the selected creative team, provided ongoing creative and technical input on the series and issues, and developed and managed the research surrounding the campaign. The objective of this partnership is to create an entertaining story with realistic characters and storylines that are daring, realistic, and cutting-edge that kids can relate to positively.

Ultimo Año (“Last Year”) examines the lives of Mexican teenagers attending an elite high school. As part of an exchange program, a popular student named Benjamin hosts a new student named Martin in his home. Benjamin takes Martin under his wing, and the two quickly become friends. When both Benjamin and Martin fall for the same girl, the friendship takes a turn for the worse. A conniving Martin sets out to steal Benjamin’s friends, his popularity, and his life. When nobody believes Martin’s true intentions, it is up to Benjamin to reveal the truth behind the seemingly ideal exchange student.

To further extend the experience of the telenovela, the producers of Ultimo Año will use transmedia to collect data on how the audience is responding to the storyline and character development, as well as gain feedback. Transmedia storytelling expands the narrative across various media platforms to allow audience members further interaction with the characters and storylines, thereby learning in different ways and becoming more deeply involved with the program.

There is a critical need to change social norms regarding contraception and family planning among adolescents and young adults in Mexico. Today in Mexico there are 68.5 pregnancies per 1,000 women aged 15 to 19 (although the 2010 Global Gender Gap report puts this figure as high as 82 births for every 1,000), a figure similar to that of the United States. Even though Mexico has made strides in the last ten years on reducing the rates of teenage pregnancies, there are still barriers preventing young women from accessing contraceptives and family planning services. Furthermore, although teen pregnancy has been on the decline, there is still much work to be done to decrease teen pregnancies. Socially responsible programs, such as a serial drama, are excellent tools in addressing these cultural and informational issues. Through Ultimo Año, PMC’s primary goal is to provide information, tools, and resources to stimulate social change and improve the overall health of Mexican adolescents and young adults.

Specific goals include:
• Reduce and prevent unintended/unwanted teen pregnancy
• Obtain knowledge about and consider reproductive health options
• Prevent HIV/AIDS and other STIs
• Promote gender equality and discourage violence against women through role modeling
• Encourage youth to achieve success through education and positive life choices

It is important for youth to understand the various choices they have and to develop positive social safety nets where they can talk comfortably about the issues they face and the consequences of their actions. Through a partnership with Tr3s: MTV Música y Más and MTV Latin America, Ultimo Año is in an excellent position to reach large audiences and shift both attitudes and behaviors on reproductive health and the use of contraception.

The cast of Ultimo Año


Centro de Orientacion para Adolescentes (CORA)


Dra. Anameli Monroy
Country Representative
Col. Del Valle, Mexico