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Population Media Center has worked in Nigeria to change the attitudes and behaviors that lead to population growth, the subjugation of women and girls, and a growing HIV/AIDS epidemic.

In July 2007, PMC launched its second social content radio serial drama in northern Nigeria, Ruwan Dare (“Midnight Rain”). Ruwan Dare focused on promoting reproductive health, enhancing knowledge and use of family planning services, and prevention of HIV/AIDS. The program was popular; 72% of the population (15-59 years old) reported listening at least every week.

To monitor the effects of the program on listeners, PMC-Nigeria established 11 clinic research sites where exit interviews were being conducted to find out what motivated clients to seek reproductive health and family planning services. Monitoring interviews conducted at reproductive health and family planning clinics with 220 clients in October-December 2007 showed that 55% of the clients reported that it was Ruwan Dare that had motivated their visit to the clinic. A second round of monitoring from the same group of clinics was conducted from January – April 2008, and it showed that 66% of clients reported that the program motivated them to seek family planning and reproductive health services. This increase of 11 percentage points provides additional evidence that midway through the course of its two year broadcast, Ruwan Dare demonstrated a measurable impact on the lives of listeners in northern Nigeria.

PMC also established Ruwan Dare Listeners’ Clubs with male and female audience members to provide ongoing feedback to the creative team. The feedback from the listening clubs helped the writers and producers to better understand the impact of the program on listeners and how they are identifying with different characters. Listener feedback helped to maintain the drama’s usefulness, appropriateness, and realism.

Ruwan Dare aired on four radio stations in northern Nigeria: FRCN (Kaduna), Companion FM (Katsina), Rima Radio (Sokoto), and Freedom Radio (Kano). The program ended in June 2009 but was rebroadcast 3 times a week from July 2009 to November 2010.

Ruwan Dare was made possible with the support of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation and support from an individual contributor.

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Ephraim Victor Okon
Country Representative
Abuja, Nigeria