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Philippines – Background

Population: 95,700,000
Population Growth Rate: 1.9%
Total Fertility Rate: 3.2
GDP Per Capita: $3,730 (2007 est.)
Literacy Rate – Female – Ages 15-24, 2000-04: 96%
Literacy Rate – Male – Ages 15,24, 2000-04: 95%
Poverty Rate: 38% (2004 est.)
HIV/AIDS Adult Prevalence Rate: less than 0.1% (2007 est.)

*Statistics are from Population Reference Bureau’s website (www.prb.org).

Rapid population growth represents a significant problem in the Philippines. The fertility rate calculated in 2008 was estimated at 3.3 children per woman. Unless the Philippines’ rapid growth rate is checked, progress in revitalizing the economy will necessarily be limited. As of 2004 38% of the population lives below the poverty line. The good news is that the HIV prevalence rate in the Philippines remains very low, and, unlike Thailand and Cambodia, the Philippines is not yet experiencing an HIV/AIDS epidemic.


Assessment of Sa Pagiskat Ng Araw (PDF, 480 KB)