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Umurage Urukwiye – Tune In

Umurage Urukwiye (UU) is broadcast every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday on Contact FM. You can listen to UU on Contact FM’s website.

Story lines

Umurage Urukwiye addresses the issues through four story lines, one of which revolves around a rural farmer named Ndereya. Ndereya lives in a fictional village called Tarama, which is right at the forest’s edge below the gorilla habitat. He is 30 years old and has six children. His small plot soon proves insufficient to support his family, and his wife and children begin to suffer from malnutrition. In a desperate effort to feed his family, Ndereya decides to clear a forested plot abutting his property to plant additional crops. He does not consider the environmental implications of this decision. As a result, the cleared plot, which is located on the steep slope above his house, will erode and destroy the rest of his crops further down the hillside.

Next, Ndereya tries to slash and burn the area surrounding his property in hopes of creating more farmable land for his family, but the forest fire gets out of control and burns down his house. In a futile last effort to provide for his family, Ndereya is convinced by a corrupt businessman to trap a gorilla for him to sell to a zoo. When Ndereya ventures out to capture the gorilla he gets caught in the snare and loses his hand.

Eventually, with the support of his young neighbor Leodia, Ndereya comes to realize his errors and finds a way to care for his family while preserving the environment.

This is just one of the many interwoven story lines that will take place on Umurage Urukwiye over the next three years.

Read an excerpt from Script from Episode #1, written in Kinyarwanda.


Rwanda: HIV/MCH SPA, 2007 (PDF, 3998KB)

Meeting the Goals