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Population News Strategy

PMC’s Population News Strategy is designed to help educate the American public about both international and domestic population issues, by placing population experts on radio and television talk shows. We also work closely with print media to connect current events, especially environmental stories, with population issues.

Since September of 2008, the program has booked over 269 hours of media interviews focused on population and sustainability. We have placed 45 experts on more than 600 separate radio talk show programs, which has led to thousands of syndicated broadcasts in a variety of media markets all over the United States. We have also had editorials in The Wall Street Journal Online, USA Today, The New York Times, and several other papers.

Listen to interviews with population experts on our website.

The Population News Strategy also includes distribution of editorial columns by population experts via the Cagle Syndication Service to its 800 subscribing U.S. newspapers and magazines. This service has distributed a series of editorials on population issues generated by PMC. Authors and have included PMC president William Ryerson, Population Institute President Bob Walker, Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund Dr. Thoraya Obaid, former Colorado governor Richard Lamm, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Population and Environment Lindsey Grant, and attorney John Rohe.

In addition to this project, PMC is distributing frequent news articles and editorials about population and global sustainability issues to a global list of population-concerned individuals and institutions. This email service has generated a flood of letters reacting to both negative and positive statements by political leaders, the news media, environmental leaders, and others. Individuals can sign up for the mailing here. You can view many of these articles and editorials on our blog.