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Interviews with Population Experts

As a part of PMC’s Population News Media Strategy for the United States, we are working to help various population and sustainability experts connect with the public via radio-talk shows and news interviews. By providing a platform for these independent scientists, journalists and other experts to discuss their views, the American people will be better informed about population issues and the ramifications of continued population growth.

As part of the Population News Media Strategy program, PMC has been fortunate to work with the Mainstream Media Project and Carney and Associates Publicity Specialists to help us in our efforts to reach out to north American media.

Here is a sampling of the interviews conducted as a result of this project:

Paul Ehrlich, Professor of Population Studies and Biology at Stanford University, was featured on The Diane Rehm Show on Thursday, July 24, 2008.

Ehrlich warned of a looming ecological crisis in his 1968 best-selling book, “The Population Bomb.” Forty years later, he’s back with a new look at how the impact human evolution has had on the environment may threaten the
survival of the species. Listen to the interview.