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PSA – Find the Balance

Population 7 Billion: It’s Time to Talk: All across the planet, people are speaking up about about population growth. According to the U.N. Population Division, the world population surpassed the 7 billion mark on October 31st, 2011 and it’s time for a broader public discussion — especially about the importance of family planning and the role that educating girls and empowering women can play in creating a healthier and more sustainable world. (The U.S. Census Bureau says world population will exceed 7 billion around April 2012 — which is why we’ll be working hard until then to raise awareness about 7 billion.)

Join us and support these important efforts today!

Our work at PMC is concentrated on entertainment broadcasting, particularly long-running serial dramas in which characters evolve into role models for the audience to bring about the use of family planning, encourage delayed marriage and childbearing, demonstrate the benefits of smaller families, promote the elevation of women’s status, and prevent HIV/AIDS. Achieving these and other related social and health goals directly helps to stabilize population numbers.

PMC has produced and broadcast programs in 24 countries around the world and demonstrated a significant impact. By engaging audiences with riveting, dramatic stories, PMC delivers important social and health messages to huge audiences, and is able to motivate them to positively change their attitudes and behavior on the issues addressed.

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This text-based, 2-minute video deals with the problems of resource use, global inequity, and population growth. It concludes with the idea that supporting family planning and reproductive health organizations around the world is one solution to this monumental task.

Join PMC in this discussion that is long overdue. It is time to empower people everywhere to know their rights, to decide what is best for the health of their families, and to advocate for themselves and their communities.

Help Spread the Word. Help Build the Movement. Help Find the Balance.