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In 2011, PMC returned to Vietnam to work with Voice of Vietnam (VOV) on a second program called Hanh Trinh Zanh (“Green Journey”). This new radio drama series focuses on climate change and environmental practices in four regions of the country, each of which is facing its own environmental challenges.

In May 2011, PMC held a writing workshop for scriptwriters at Voice of Vietnam (VOV), the national radio broadcaster, for Hanh Trinh Zanh.  The workshop focused on creating characters and story arcs for the program, which deals with how to adapt to climate change and increasingly frequent natural disasters. The drama takes place in four regions of Vietnam — with landscapes varying from mountains to river deltas to coastlines — and stresses the importance of adapting sustainable environmental practices.

Hanh Trinh Zanh will cover many topics over the course of its broadcast, including new sustainable farming methods and drought resistant crops, illegal tree cutting, and learning how to stay afloat in an economy that is increasingly dependent on natural resources. Throughout the struggle to navigate these trials, characters will also be tested through love, friendship, and family ties. Hanh Trinh Zanh began its broadcast in July 2011 and is being funded by DANIDA, the Danish International Development Agency.

At the invitation of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)-Vietnam, PMC previously provided assistance to The Voice of Vietnam Radio (VOV) to create a serial drama project to promote reproductive health and avoidance of HIV/AIDS in Vietnam. Khat Vong Song (“The Desire of Life”) addressed issues relating to reproductive health and HIV/AIDS, including improving the status of women, delaying the age of marriage, and equality valuing male and female children. Khat Vong Song broadcasted nationwide on three of Voice of Vietnam’s (VOV) radio stations, in addition to being streamed online. There was an interactive website where listeners could find more information about the issues raised in the program, post their comments and reactions to the program, learn more about the characters, and download episodes. The program debuted in March 2008 and consisted of 104 episodes and was broadcast to listeners in all 64 provinces and cities.

According to the Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC) and the Ministry of Health, by March 31st 2007, there were 122,487 known cases of HIV infection of which 22,566 cases had become full-blown AIDS. Furthermore, there were 13,157 reported AIDS related deaths. It is estimated that the real numbers could be three times higher. As many as 10,000 people are infected with HIV annually.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has spread to 64 cities/provinces and 94% of districts and villages in the country. Young people ages 20-39 account for 79% of HIV infections. In addition, as of 2007, only 66% of married women were using a modern method of birth control.

Listeners of Khat Vong Song have written numerous letters expressing their excitement about the drama and the close connection they feel with the characters.

A female listener named Dien from Dong Van Province wrote:

I listen to the broadcast of “The Desire of Life” and feel that it is a great show that brings me happiness. It also sets a good example for children.

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