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Staff – Country Representatives

Sierra Leone

Vickynatu Sonia Johnson

Vickynatu is a finance expert with over 10 years experience in financial management in two NGOs in Sierra Leone.



Dr. Negussie Teffera
Country Representative for Population Media Center – Ethiopia. In that capacity, he oversees production of radio serial dramas and training of media practitioners using the Sabido methodology. These programs have greatly increased contraceptive use and HIV/AIDS avoidance behaviors in Ethiopia. He was the former Director of the Ethiopian National Office of Population. In that role, he played a leading role in the writing of the country’s population policy and oversaw its adoption and implementation. He was also the Chairman of the National Task Force responsible for developing the National Population and Reproductive Health Communication and Advocacy Strategy for Ethiopia. Dr. Negussie holds a Ph.D. in Communications from the University of Wales, Cardiff and has extensive experience in media communication strategy development and radio production.



Tom Kazungu
Director of Radio Production Training for Population Media Center. Kazungu has provided training and technical assistance to radio producers and writers from twelve African and six Asian countries in application of the Sabido methodology to promote reproductive health. Previously, he provided similar training and technical assistance to production and writing teams in Madagascar, Namibia, St. Lucia and Tanzania. As Director of Apex Productions of Nairobi, Kazungu has produced three radio serial dramas using the Sabido methodology.



Ephraim Victor Okon
Country Representative in Nigeria. Okon oversees scriptwriting, production and broadcast of all radio serial dramas and is also involved in new program development for Nigeria. Prior to joining PMC in 2008, Okon co-founded Okon Youths Vanguard, a CBO, which later turned into Okon Youth Development Forum, where he served as the pioneer President. The objectives at Okon Youth Development Forum are education, HIV/AIDS awareness and capacity building among youth.



Rose Haji
Radio production trainer for Population Media Center. Haji is the National Director of the Media Institute for Southern Africa, Tanzania Chapter. Previously she was a producer for Radio Tanzania and oversaw production of the serialized radio drama, Twende na Wakati, which, from 1993 to 1997, was successful in changing behavior with regard to HIV/AIDS prevention and reproductive health on a population-wide level in Tanzania.


Papua New Guinea

Betty Oala
Project Director for Population Media Center – Papua New Guinea. Before joining PMC, Betty served as Program Associate for SeaWeb’s Asia Pacific Program. Betty was head of SeaWeb’s Papua New Guinea Office and worked closely with local and international media to promote media coverage of marine issues. Prior to her work at SeaWeb, Betty was a broadcast journalist, writing for state radio programs for eight years, and a communications specialist for the Investment Promotion Agency of Papua New Guinea for 10 years. Betty has a diploma in media studies from the University of Papua New Guinea and a diploma in economic policy analysis from the National Research Institute of Papua New Guinea.



Roger Pereira

Head of R&P Management Communications Pvt. Ltd. and producer of Humraahi, a family planning soap opera in India.


Bhaskar Ghose
Senior Country Adviser for Population Media Center – India. Ghose was formerly Secretary to the Government of India in the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, after having headed the Indian state television network, Doordarshan, for some years. He has since set up and been Chief Executive of the 24 hour Parliamentary television channel in India.



Marcio R. Schiavo
Country Representative for Population Media Center – Brazil. Schiavo is also the Director of Comunicarte Social Marketing of Brazil, which together with PMC, works to influence the content of prime time entertainment programming on the most popular programs on television with regard to population and reproductive health issues.


Central America

Leopoldo Peralta
Representative for Population Media Center. Peralta is the former Mayor of San Juan del Río and the former State Representative for Queretaro state. Currently he is president of la Asociación Amigos del Rio San Juan (The Association of Friends of the San Juan River), which is working to restore the river walk and create one that is similar to the river walk in San Antonio, Texas.



2010/2011 Annual Report

In 2010-2011, PMC had projects in Brazil, Burkina Faso, Caribbean, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Senegal, Sierra Leone, the United States, Vietnam and a worldwide electronic game.

2010/2011 Annual Report (PDF, 5.5 MB)

Soap Operas for Social Change to Prevent HIV/AIDS

This training guide is designed to be used by journalists and media personnel to plan and execute the production and broadcast of Sabido-style entertainment-education serial dramas for HIV/AIDS prevention, especially among women and girls.

Using the Media to Achieve Reproductive Health and Gender Equity

In 2005, as a companion piece to the training guide, PMC developed a manual documenting best practices in the application of the Sabido methodology of behavior change via entertainment-education.

Read more about these guides and download »