Women’s Group Launches a Mass Anti-Family Planning Campaign in Manipur

April 29, 2007 • Family Planning, Daily Email Recap

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Deciding on Family Size Parents` Prerogative
By: Akoijam Sunita

IMPHAL, Apr 2: Even though 64.5% of married women in Manipur do not want more than two children, United Women`s Front, one of the most recently formed women’s pressure groups in the state, is all set to launch a mass anti-family planning campaign throughout the state.

Ph Indira, assistant secretary, UWF, maintained, “What the Indian government wants from Manipur is the land and not the people, and the family planning measures are part of several strategies to wipe out the native population.”

Reacting to the announcement of the anti-family planning stance taken up by this organization, an official of the state family welfare department responsible for the implementation of family planning programmes said that even though in the early period of the implementation, very few women avail the facilities of family planning programme in Manipur, currently the programme is being implemented successfully.

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