Population Media Center Launches its Second Social Content Radio Serial Drama in Northern Nigeria

July 31, 2007 • HIV/AIDS, Africa, PMC in the News

Kano, Nigeria – On July 31, 2007 Population Media Center (PMC) will launch its second social content radio serial drama in Nigeria. Through the use of character role-models, the drama aims to enhance knowledge and utilization of existing health services, provide important information about reproductive health and general health issues, encourage use of family planning, promote delaying marriage and childbearing until adulthood, promote small family norms, provide information about HIV transmission, and motivate people to take actions to improve their health and the health of their families. PMC will air 234 episodes over two years.

The program titled, Ruwan Dare (“Midnight Rain”) will be broadcast in Kano, Kaduna, Katsina and Sokoto states in northern Nigeria. These states have the lowest levels of knowledge about contraceptive methods and the lowest exposure to family planning messages in all of Nigeria. These states also have the highest fertility rates, largest desired family size (between 6 and 10 children), highest population growth rates, and highest rates of unmet need for contraception in all of Nigeria.

PMC develops these radio serial dramas using the Sabido methodology, a highly effective entertainment education technique that PMC has implemented successfully in thirteen countries worldwide. Ruwan Dare was created as a result of the remarkable success of PMC’s program that aired in 2006-2007 in Kano and Kaduna states in northern Nigeria. The program, titled Gugar Goge (“Tell it to Me Straight”), was a highly popular radio serial drama that addressed issues relating to maternal health and obstetric fistula (a condition commonly resulting from obstructed labor during childbirth that leaves victims incontinent). The evaluation of Gugar Goge pointed to widespread changes in behaviors and attitudes among audience members with regard to the issues addressed in the program. It was this success that inspired the production of Ruwan Dare, which was created using the same methodology, but with new characters and story lines.

Ruwan Dare is made possible with continued support from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Conservation, Food and Health Foundation and new support from an individual contributor.

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