Popcom Shifts Campaign to Natural Family Planning

August 14, 2007 • Daily Email Recap

Thursday, August 09, 2007 Sun Star (Philippines)
By Edmund B. Sestoso

The Population Commission (Popcom) has shifted its population campaign from scientific ways to natural family planning after the United States government stopped the supply of contraceptives, including pills and condoms.

Popcom Central Visayas Regional Director Leo de la Rama said, several years back, their office supported by several non-government organizations had massively campaigned for scientific approaches to family planning like vasectomy and tubal ligation and encouraging the use of condoms and pills.

“These contraceptives for several years were given to us by the USAid and that the same will also be given to the couples for free, but now this will be purchased by the users unless the National Government and the local government units will shoulder the cost it entails,” de la Rama said.

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