The Muslim World’s Changing Views Toward Family Planning and Contraception

August 15, 2007 • Family Planning, Daily Email Recap

The Muslim world has the world’s highest rate of population growth, and is involved in more armed conflicts (mainly along the interface between the Muslim- and non-Muslim worlds) than any other region of the world. Examples of conflict zones include Lebanon, Albania, Bosnia, Sarajevo, Serbia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Russia, Chechnya, Dagestan, the Caucasus, Pakistan, India, Burma, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Eritrea/ Ethiopia, Sudan and other northeast African countries, Nigeria, Mauritania, and Algeria.

However before one extrapolates the past into the future one should examine the changes that are taking place in the Muslim world in the area of fertilities, the status of women, and other evidence of slower rates of population growth in the decades to come. Evidence useful for such an examination is given in this document.

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