We need fewer people to halt global warming

September 20, 2007 • Climate Change & Mitigation, Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Fred Stanback for this article about the new head of the Science Museum in London, who achieved his reputation doing research in the Antarctic.


We need fewer people to halt global warming

Charles Clover meets the new head of the Science Museum and hears his controversial views on tackling global warming

Beware of increased noise next time you visit the Science Museum, temple to scientific reason since the Great Exhibition of 1851. Its new director is a confidant of Al Gore’s, with a lifetime belief that if you have a big story to tell you should “tell it with a megaphone.”

Chris Rapley, 60, comes to the museum from the British Antarctic Survey. In his 10 years as director, the institution that discovered the hole in the ozone layer in the 1980s, has taken its place in the front line of climate science.
There he used his favourite instrument to tell the world that the West Antarctic ice sheet, previously described as “a slumbering giant” and thought to be stable for 1,000 years, was beginning to drip into the sea.

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