What all Presidential Candidates Refuse to Talk About

November 16, 2007 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Frosty Wooldridge for this column.


Last Friday, Ann Curry, on NBC Nightly News, reported that drought-stricken Georgia’s Lake Lanier, that provides water for five million people, will not last more than 79 more days at current water consumption. “What does Lake Lanier need?” she asked the reporter standing by the lake. “Lots of rain…about four months of rain,” the reporter said.

If Georgia stands in the cross-hairs of a water crisis today at 9,363,000 people, what will be its fate be by 2050 when its predicted population reaches 16,966,000 people?

What factor facing the United States stands immune from public, political and religious discussion? Short answer: runaway overpopulation as we add three million people to the USA annually!

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