Earth Policy Institute: Chapter 1 of Plan B 3.0

December 27, 2007 • Daily Email Recap

Many thanks to Lester Brown for sending me Chapter 1 of his latest book, Plan B 3.0, for distribution to this list. In it, he looks at the numerous environmental and political tipping points facing human civilization today. He recognizes the role of population growth in this mix, as follows:

“Population growth, which contributes to all the problems discussed here, has its own tipping point. Scores of countries have developed enough economically to sharply reduce mortality but not yet enough to reduce fertility. As a result, they are caught in the demographic trap—a situation where rapid population growth begets poverty and poverty begets rapid population growth. In this situation, countries eventually tip one way or the other. They either break out of the cycle or they break down.”

For full chapter, download:

Lester Brown Plan B3 0 Chapter 1 (PDF, 105 KB)

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