Amazon Deforestation Seen Surging

February 13, 2008 • Daily Email Recap

Greetings from Brazil, where Population Media Center and its Brazilian partner organization, Comunicarte, are planning a world conference on the use of entertainment-education for addressing global sustainability issues and human quality of life! The conference will be held in Rio November 19-21, 2008.


Deforestation of the Amazon has surged in recent months and is likely to rise in 2008 for the first time in four years, a senior Brazilian government scientist said on Wednesday.

The rise raises questions over Brazil’s assertion that its environmental policies are effectively protecting the world’s biggest rain forest, whose destruction is a major source of carbon emissions that drive global warming.

“I think the last four months is a big concern for the government and now they are sending people to do more law enforcement,” Carlos Nobre, a scientist with Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, told a seminar in Washington.

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