Environmental Refugees: An Emergent Security Issue

March 17, 2008 • Daily Email Recap

It was a pleasure to have lunch last week with Dr. Norman Myers of Oxford University during his visit to the University of Vermont. Below is a paper of his addressing security concerns arising from environmental refugees.

Environmental Refugees an Emergent Security Issue (PDF, 26 MB)


Thanks to Edmund Levering for the second article attached, from the Christian Science Monitor. Below is a UN Wire link to a recent article from Reuters on this same phenomenon sent in by Sonny Fox.

Climate refugee problems looming, few solutions on horizon
The looming specter of millions of potential refugees driven from their homes by rising seas and other climate change effects has yet to result in any real planning by the international community to deal with the problem. Residents of the Tuvalu islands, predicted to be among the world’s first climate refugees, have received little enthusiastic support from other governments in their initial attempts to plan a relocation. AlertNet.org/Reuters (3/13)

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