Population error in US News, they will not correct

March 21, 2008 • News

Thanks to James Carter for his email below. He and I have sent letters urging U.S. News and World Report to run a correction. Perhaps some additional letters might help.

My email (sent to letters@usnews.com) stated the following:

Your February 7 article, “How the Potato Can Relieve World Hunger,” understates projected world population growth by 93%. Paragraph 3 should have started with the following sentence, “With the world population expected to grow by some 1.5 billion in the next two decades and with most of that growth in the developing world, the need for a nutritious and fast-growing food is more critical than ever.” Instead, it pegged the expected growth at 100 million. The article is at http://www.usnews.com/articles/news/national/2008/02/07/how-the-potato-can-relieve-world-hunger.html.

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