Population Stabilizes. People Live in Harmony with the Environment

April 1, 2008 • News

Happy April Fool’s Day. The title of this paper by Lindsey Grant, The Age of Overshoot, is unfortunately more real than the subject line of this email.

Lindsey is a member of Population Media Center’s Program Advisory Board and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Population and Environment. His books include: The Collapsing Bubble: Growth and Fossil Energy, The Case for Fewer People: The NPG Forum Papers (editor), Too Many People: The Case for Reversing Growth, Juggernaut: Growth on a Finite Planet, How Many Americans?, Elephants in the Volkswagen, and Foresight and National Decisions: the Horseman and the Bureaucrat.

This and other papers of interest can be found www.npg.org under publications.

Lindsey Grant NPG-Overshoot (Word Doc., 170 KB)

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