Edge of the Abyss

April 2, 2008 • Climate Change & Mitigation, News

Thanks to author Lindsey Grant for this NPG paper, Edge of the Abyss. It will also be posted at www.npg.org.

As Lindsey Grant said in his cover email, the paper “reports on what we have learned in the past year about energy and climate, following up on THE AGE OF OVERSHOOT. I run into a certain amount of family resistance with these books and papers, on the grounds I am pessimistic. Perhaps the close of this paper provides my answer. It is realism, not pessimism. The age of fossil energy was an aberration. We must relearn to live on the sun’s annual budget. That can be done, but not if we continue to pursue growth as our ideal. And the issues are closing faster than we expected.”

Lindsey Grant Edge of the Abyss (PDF, 252 KB)

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