Free Range Thought: Interview – Part 1

April 20, 2008 • PMC in the News

In April 2008, Free Range Thought conducted an interview with Bill Ryerson from the Population Media Center and David Paxson from the World Population Balance. They delivered the interview as part of their series on population, environment, ecology, economy, energy, and human rights. The special guest cohost and moderator was Dr. John Feeney.

From the Free Range Thought Web site:
“Our program today focused on Earth’s human population and its effect on food and resource allocation and distribution, energy, economy, etc and the effective ways which this issue can be addressed. President and Founder of the Population Media Center, William Ryerson, discussed the effective ways his organization combines the Social Learning theory of leading contemporary psychologist Dr. Albert World Population Balance, along with the serial melodrama developed by Miguel Sabido, to create positive role models to educate cultures all around the world as a modality for teaching about family planning, gender equity, and related issues.

David Paxson, founder and president of World Population Balance, joined us as well to discuss the population issues and his organizations approach towards changing the way people think and the choices they make regarding reproduction, energy consumption, and their impact on the environment.”

Listen to the Interview – Part 1: (Listen to Part 2)


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