Two Editorials on Biofuels

April 27, 2008 • News

Thanks to Joe Bish for sending me this editorial below, from the New York Times. It acknowledges the role of population growth in aggravating the increase in food prices caused by biofuel policies.

Priced Out of the Market
The world’s food situation is bleak, and shortsighted policies in the United States and other wealthy countries — which are diverting crops to environmentally dubious biofuels — bear much of the blame.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the price of wheat is more than 80 percent higher than a year ago, and corn prices are up by a quarter. Global cereal stocks have fallen to their lowest level since 1982.

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Thanks to Fred Stanback for the editorial that follows by Lester Brown and Jonathan Lewis from the Washington Post, dated April 22.

Ethanol’s Failed Promise
The willingness to try, fail and try again is the essence of scientific progress. The same sometimes holds true for public policy. It is in this spirit that today, Earth Day, we call upon Congress to revisit recently enacted federal mandates requiring the diversion of foodstuffs for production of biofuels. These “food-to-fuel” mandates were meant to move America toward energy independence and mitigate global climate change. But the evidence irrefutably demonstrates that this policy is not delivering on either goal. In fact, it is causing environmental harm and contributing to a growing global food crisis.

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