The Folly of Shortchanging Family Planning

June 11, 2008 • Family Planning, News

Lurking behind almost every global development and survivability issue is a question that has been in the shadows for too long. Simply put, it is whether – despite the assurances of some leading demographers – the world is heading toward the moment when people will irrevocably outstrip the resources needed to sustain life and the environment.

The optimists who look at declining fertility figures – that’s the average number of births per woman – foresee population growth coming naturally under control in poor countries as well as industrial societies. Other experts, struggling to raise awareness of the need for a new global family planning push, say this may be missing the point. Population growth, and mostly in the poorest countries, will continue for generations before there can be hope of a global decline. By then, how many people will the planet be trying to support?

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