World Population Day Editorial by National Audubon President

July 11, 2008 • News

See an editorial by National Audubon Society’s President that was distributed to 800 U.S. newspapers and magazines today by the Cagle Syndication Service.

Slower Population Growth Would Benefit People, Birds, and Climate

Like canaries in the coal mine, birds are an important indicator of our planet’s health. For thousands of years, they have been one of our most important early warning systems, predicting the change of seasons, the coming of storms, and the rise of toxic levels of pollution in the food chain.

Today, birds are telling us that our climate is changing—and in many places, it may change more quickly than they can adapt, signaling complex ecosystem changes that will have serious consequences for wildlife and humans alike. We know that avoiding the worst consequences of global warming will require bold strategies for reducing our dependence on fossil fuel, expanding renewable energy, and managing our land and forests more thoughtfully. These are commonsense approaches that those of us concerned about the climate crisis have been advocating tirelessly.

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