Water Woes

July 12, 2008 • Daily Email Recap

The Colorado River is the water source for 27 million people in seven Western states. But years of drought and increased demand have cut the water supply in half, leaving the river at risk. Environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls the Colorado “a train wreck at this point,” and scientists are predicting that the Lake Mead Reservoir along the Colorado could be a virtual dry hole by the year 2021. In our Sunday Morning Cover Story, correspondent Jerry Bowen looks at the water crisis in the West, and how farmers and city dwellers are addressing the very real possibility that there won’t be enough water to go around. He talks with Kennedy, with the water planner for Las Vegas, with an avocado grower in California forced to stump nearly a-third of his avocado trees, and with the scientist whose research sounded the alarm about the Colorado.

For full article, visit:http://www.cbsnews.com/stories

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