Population Institute Global Media Awards Call for Entries

July 18, 2008 • Daily Email Recap

The Population Institute’s 29th annual Global Media Awards are devoted to drawing attention to global population issues by recognizing positive treatment of these issues by journalists, commentators and others in the print and broadcast media, as well as in new media and film.

The Global Media Awards honor those who have contributed to creating awareness of population problems through their outstanding journalistic endeavors. The awards serve to encourage editors, new directors, and journalists to acquire a more in-depth knowledge of population issues to stimulate high standards for journalism.


1. Entries may be made by any individual or organization from material appearing in print and/or electronic media.

2. Entries must be accompanied by a justification for nomination explaining why this particular entry merits a Media Award.

3. English translations must accompany entries in other languages.

4. Entries may be submitted for more than one category.

5. Eligible works must have been published or aired between September 1, 2007 and September 1, 2008.

6. Seven copies of the entry must be sent to Population Institute.


1. Best Combined Media Effort
2. Best News Service
3. Best Online News Service
4. Best Individual Reporting Effort
5. Best Magazine Article
6. Best Radio Show
7. Best TV Show
8. Best Editorial Cartoonist
9. Best Print Editorial Columnist
10. Best Broadcast Editorial Commentary
11. Best Online Commentary
12. Best Film

How to Submit

Entries must be sent to:

Global Media Awards Program
Population Institute
107 Second Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

For more information please contact: Jennie or Emily at (202) 544-3300 or
e-mail: media@populationinstitute.org.

Deadline for entries is: September 1, 2008

More information is available at

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