Investing on an Overcrowded Planet

August 11, 2008 • News

Thanks to Phil Dodd for this article from the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch.

Suddenly Lucy yells, “What kind of a novel do you call this?” She jumps to her feet, waving the pages in his face, “It doesn’t have any people! All it has is six dogs!” Cut to a close-up of Snoopy at his typewriter, intently rereading his manuscript, the pages a few inches from his nose. The solution is obvious. He says to himself, “I’ll add another dog!”

Yes, Snoopy is indeed “everyman.” Each of us sees the world through our own filters, our beliefs, our experiences, our ideologies. We’re a bundle of contradictions: We’re selfish, self-interested, often a tad greedy. We say we’re our brother’s keeper, that we’ll do unto others as we want them to do unto us.

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