Gugar Goge (“Tell It To Me Straight”) Featured in Soul Beat

October 8, 2008 • Family Planning, Female Genital Mutilation, Serial Dramas, Nigeria, PMC in the News

Participatory Assessment of Gugar Goge, an Entertainment-Education Radio Soap Opera in Nigeria – A Qualitative Assessment Report

by Arvind Singhal, Sarah Hurlburt and Radha Vij

This report documents the results of a participatory assessment exercise conducted in Nigeria to gauge audience reception of Gugar Goge (“Tell It To Me Straight”), an entertainment-education radio soap opera produced by Population Media Center that sought to promote education for girls, the delay of marriage and pregnancies, and the adoption of family planning and maternal health services to both prevent and treat obstetric fistula. The assessment exercise, which used participatory sketching and participatory photography, aimed to assess how frequent listeners engaged with the radio programme, and how they derived personal meanings from its plot, characters, and educational messages.

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