Comic Books for Social Change

October 30, 2008 • Reproductive Health, News

While this comic book series is about business life in Japan, it is easy to imagine a similar strategy with regard to condom use, reproductive health, and elevation of the status of women.

Japanese bosses are mostly an elderly lot. So it seemed that a new generation had taken the reins of corporate Japan when Kosaku Shima was appointed president of Hatsushiba Goyo, a conglomerate, in June. At just 60, Mr Shima is the best known and most beloved businessman in Japan. His ascent from lowly salaryman to lofty shacho (president) traces corporate Japan’s rise in the 1980s, its descent into the “lost decade” of the 1990s and its subsequent tentative recovery. News of Mr Shima’s appointment was broadcast on television and splashed across the country’s newspapers, and the bosses of Japan’s biggest firms lined up to lavish praise on him. “He is a man of principle,” said Tsunehisa Katsumata, president of Tokyo Electric Power.

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