The Time to Act is Now

December 12, 2008 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Paul Paquet for this article.

Over the past month or so much has been said and written about the national norms and standards for the management of elephants in South Africa as part of the Biodiversity Act (Act 10 of 2004) which allows the minister of environmental affairs and tourism to provide regulations for the management of elephants in national parks, provincial nature reserves and private land. According to these regulations managers of these areas can manage elephant populations within the guidelines set out in the norms and standards and according to the approved management plan for the land. This has effectively re-opened the avenue of culling as a last resort in the management of elephant populations. In extensive protected areas such as the Kruger National Park this is seen by park managers and many conservationists and public as the only practical way to regulate elephant numbers in an extensive system.

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