The Latest Bold Initiative to Halt Population Growth: Daytime Soap Operas?

December 23, 2008 • Vietnam, PMC in the News

Did Judy sleep with Alejandro? Even though she’s married to Sebastian, who’s in a coma from leaping in front of a bullet fired at her by Don Curio, Alejandro’s jealous evil twin brother? Will she learn the error of her ways, and that promiscuity and unprotected sex are dangerous global threats that lead to overpopulation and health woes?

She might if the production happens to be helmed by the Population Media Center, a Vermont organization that creates serialized radio and television dramas that use “entertainment education” strategies to positively influence the social behavior of audiences in third world countries around the world. The shows’ creators believe these soap operas, which currently air in 15 countries across 4 continents, will slow population growth, increase HIV/AIDS awareness, and promote family communication. Basically, PMC hopes to be a sort of General Hospital to the world.

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