Military report raises concerns about social unrest

February 24, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Phil Kreitner for the article below from MSN Money.

The U.S. military report to which it refers can be downloaded from

Interestingly, the report is full of concern over population growth, but the news article fails to mention population in its coverage. You can send a letter to the editor of MSN Money pointing out that they left out one of the most important topics covered in the report. Send your comments to:

Military report raises concerns about social unrest fueled by globalization, urbanization

A new report from the U.S. military warns of globalization and urbanization fueling social unrest, as well as a potential collapse of the Mexican government as that country deals with violence and corruption induced by drug cartels and organized crime.

The military report also discusses concerns about global water scarcity, including in the American Southwest, and a weakened U.S. globally if there are major reductions in U.S. defense spending.

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