Protections for Wolves the Northern Rockies to be Removed May 4 – Slaughter Planned

April 25, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Paul Winter for alerting me to the fact that the new Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, plans to remove the Wolf from the endangered species list, which could result in a mass slaughter of wolves in Idaho and Montana beginning May 4. What follows is from a collection of websites, including NRDC and Defenders of Wildlife.

In just a few days, the mass killing of wolves could begin in Idaho and Montana — and not even newborn wolf pups and their nursing mothers will be spared.

We cannot stand by while this slaughter unfolds. On May 4, the wolf’s federal protection will be lifted, and government agents will be free to open fire. After that, the states will launch public hunts, targeting wolves.

We must act now to call off the guns!

That’s why NRDC is launching The Big Howl campaign to mobilize Americans everywhere to protect wolves in the Northern Rockies from the crossfire.

Add your voice now to our campaign. Tell Interior Secretary Salazar to reverse his decision to kick wolves off the endangered species list.

This is absolutely the wrong time to rip away federal protections from these struggling wolves. Over the past year, the wolf population in Yellowstone National Park has declined by 27 percent, with more than 70 percent of wolf pups succumbing to disease.

One pack alone lost all 24 of its pups!

If the federal protections are lifted on May 4 as planned, newborn wolf pups and their nursing mothers traveling outside national parks will be in the line of fire.

That’s why NRDC and our partners are filing suit in federal court to block this disastrous policy. But we must do more: we must raise a nationwide outcry that the Obama Administration cannot ignore.

And so we’re calling on everyone who cares about wolves to take part in The Big Howl campaign.

Please call on the Interior Department to go back to the drawing board and submit this cruel plan to the kind of rigorous scientific review the Obama Administration has promised.

Just last month, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced that the Bush-era wolf delisting rule would go ahead. Starting May 4th, more than 1,000 wolves in the region — 2/3 of the current population — could be killed. On the day the rule was published, Defenders immediately notified federal officials that we will fight for our wolves in court. But this is only the latest chapter in a complex and ongoing story of the relationship between wolves and people in the west. Return to the Wild, a new documentary from Mofilms, features Defenders’ Northern Rockies Representative Suzanne Stone and highlights our on-the-ground efforts to help ranchers and wolves peacefully coexist in the American West.

You can watch the 27-minute film in its entirety or see the trailer at the film’s website.

If you haven’t already done so, please write President Obama and urge him to stand up for our western wolves.

Just one year after the famous wolf Limpy was shot and killed just outside Yellowstone National Park — President Obama’s pick as Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, has taken it upon himself to eliminate Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in Greater Yellowstone, the Northern Rockies and other parts of the American West!

As a result of Salazar’s action, more than 1,000 wolves in Idaho and Montana could be killed by people like Idaho Governor Butch Otter, who recently reaffirmed that he wants to be one of the first to shoot a wolf.

Please watch our powerful new Northern Rockies wolf video right now and urge President Obama now to restore life-saving protections for our wolves!


Salazar’s decision is a mistake, and we have to let the Obama Administration know it. To send a strong message, we need to generate at least 100,000 messages in support of protections for our wolves before May 4th, when the federal protections are lifted and the wolf killing can resume.

Last year, when the Bush/Cheney Administration briefly eliminated these vital federal protections for wolves in the Northern Rockies, more than 100 of the region’s estimated 1,500 wolves were killed in just a couple of short months, until Defenders succeeded in convincing a federal judge to stop the killing.

Now Secretary Salazar has approved the exact proposal for which the Bush Administration was roundly criticized. And he did so with no consultation with wildlife advocates and with no warning of what he was thinking.

This time, unless this latest decision to remove federal protection from wolves is reversed, even more wolves — as many of two-thirds of the region’s wolf population — could be killed. The new wolf rule will also eliminate Endangered Species Act protections for wolves that are only now beginning to return to parts of their historic range in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Utah.

Take action! Please check out our new video and encourage President Obama to protect our wolves before it is too late.

It will be a tough fight, but I know that with your help we can win and ensure a brighter future for wolves like Limpy.

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