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Upcoming Radio Talk Shows on Population Issues

May 4, 2009 • PMC in the News

Population Media Center’s Talk Show Project is generating many requests for interviews on population issues. You can listen over the air or online to the following programs. Please forward this list to your friends and colleagues as well. All times given are Eastern Time (US). Engaging and educating the public, opinion leaders and decision makers is crucial for sustainable population advocates.

Upcoming Radio Talk Shows on Population Issues

May 4
Virginia Carter at 1:30 pm ET
Hear It Now

Phil Cafaro at 9:10 pm ET

May 5
Bob Walker at 1:00 pm ET
Issues Today

Leon Kolankiewicz at 8:00 pm ET
St Louis MO

May 6
Leon Kolankiewicz at 8:35 am ET
WKLA, Ludington, MI

Leon Kolankiewicz at 5:00 pm ET

May 7
Leon Kolankiewicz at 5:32 pm ET
“Just George Maurer,” Key West, Florida

Phil Cafaro and Don Weeden at 7:05 pm ET
KSFR FM, Santa Fe, NM

Leon Kolankiewicz at 7:30 pm ET
KHSU, Arcata, CA

May 8
Steve Camarota at 1:00 pm ET
WOON-AM, Providence, RI

May 9
Roy Beck at 6:00 pm ET
Tucson AZ

May 11
Bill Ryerson 9:05 am ET
Tron in the Morning on KCMN-AM
KCMN-AM, Colorado Springs

May 13
Bill Ryerson at 9:15 am ET
The Round Table

Dick Lamm at 10:00 am ET
The Jim Engster Show, Baton Rouge LA

May 20
Bill Ryerson at 10:00 pm ET
Dot to Dot

May 26
Bill Ryerson at 2:00 pm ET
Speaking Power to Power with Meria Heller

May 29
Dick Lamm at 10:30 am ET
Roger Wendell “Connections,” Boulder CO

June 8
Bill Ryerson at 10:06 am ET
Conscious Talk, KKNW

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