The Diane Rehm Show’s Earth Day Special Titled “World Population”

May 19, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Katie Elmore and Henry Barbaro for bringing to my attention the Earth Day special of National Public Radio’s The Diane Rehm Show titled “World Population.”

Speakers on the segment included:
William Butz, president and CEO, Population Reference Bureau,
Paul Ehrlich, president, Center for Conservation Biology, Bing Professor of Population Studies, Stanford University and author of “The Dominant Animal” and “The Population Bomb,” and
Hania Zlotnik, Director, Population Division, United Nations.

From Henry Barbaro: “It’s inspiring that on Earth Day 2009, NPR ran a program on world population. One of the elements I liked about the show (and agreed with) was when Paul Ehrlich plainly emphasized that the U.S. is the most over-populated country in the world (due to lifestyle and consumption rates of course).”

Listen to the segment:

Current World Population


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