QS: A Safe, Inexpensive, Readily Administered Method of Family Planning

June 15, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Don Collins for this statement. See www.quinacrine.com. Also see Bruce Sundquist’s paper on quinacrine sterilization at http://home.windstream.net/bsundquist1/qs.html.

QS: A Safe, Inexpensive, Readily Administered Method of Family Planning

The need for better access to modern family planning methods worldwide remains only slightly over half accomplished. While better educational opportunities for women remains central to such improvement, the means for women regulating their fertility should constantly be enhanced. One method, quinacrine sterilization or QS, which has huge promise, remains underutilized.

Since 1994 QS expansion has been the primary focus of an NGO that I founded in 1976, International Services Assistance Fund (ISAF).

This simple, safe, easy to administer method of female sterilization has been used by over 200,000 women, some for 30 years, in over 50 countries including the US, with no reported deaths or life threatening complications. An International Journal of Ob/Gyn QS Supplement containing 25 juried papers from 14 countries has been distributed in 5 languages in many nations.

An FDA Phase III Trial was permitted in June 2006, but put on “clinical hold” in January 2007 until additional safety data can be supplied. This major data gathering is now under way, and a renewal of the trial is anticipated once this data is presented. Principal Investigator for the ISAF trial, Dr. Jack Lippes, inventor of the Lippes Loop IUD, has been joined by 40 research collaborators, 18 associated with US medical schools. To date, some 1700 providers have used QS around the world with excellent results. One MD has provided the method to nearly 600 HIV positive women, since surgical sterilization in such situations can be difficult to arrange.

The worldwide demand for all methods for women who would wish now to have no more children, remains huge and growing. ISAF intends to resume this FDA trial and bring this method to maximum use. Considering the relatively modest expenditures to date, ISAF is proud of the progress that has already been made. Inquiries about QS can be forwarded to me at the following address. Our web site is www.quinacrine.com

Donald A. Collins, President and Treasurer
International Services Assistance Fund
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