A Walk to Beautiful

July 13, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Engel Entertainment is proud to announce the DVD release of its award-winning feature documentary, A Walk to Beautiful. This film tells a universal story of hope, courage, and transformation through the journeys of five Ethiopian women suffering from childbirth injuries who reclaim their lives.

Chosen to appear in over 25 festivals worldwide, A Walk to Beautiful has won international praise, including the Best Feature Documentary Award from the International Documentary Association and the Excellence in Media Award from the Global Health Council. In 2008, A Walk to Beautiful was released in theaters and an edited, one-hour television version of the film premiered on PBS’s NOVA, the most watched documentary series on public television.

Kenneth Turan of The Los Angeles Times writes, “A Walk to Beautiful will leave you speechless two times over – first with despair, then with joy.”

Now, for the first time, the feature-length documentary is available on DVD with a wealth of special features and bonus materials, including the short film “Fistula Worldwide: The Hidden Epidemic,” which addresses the issue of obstetric fistula beyond Ethiopia. We’ve also created a downloadable “Take Action Guide” that’s available on our website, www.walktobeautiful.com,
for those interested in doing more to help end fistula.

To purchase the A Walk to Beautiful DVD for home use, please visit www.walktobeautiful.com. To purchase an institutional copy for collections or repeat and group viewings, please follow this link (http://www.fulfilldisc.com/index.php/awtblibrary.html) or call 1-212-413-9200 to order. Contact by e-mail (mailto:awtb@engelentertainment.com) or phone (1-212-413-9200) with any further questions.

Thank you for your support!

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