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Immigration, Energy and the Environment

July 25, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Jack Martin of FAIR for alerting me to his new report entitled “Immigration, Energy and the Environment,” the pdf of which can be downloaded at

Energy Use, CO2 Emission and Immigration

Energy consumption is a factor of both per capita use and population size. Population size includes the issue of immigration. U.S. energy consumption and the resulting environmental impact of the production of greenhouse gasses has been steadily increasing in total amounts even though per capita consumption has been decreasing.

U.S. energy consumption increased by about 34 percent from 75.8 quads (quadrillion [1015] BTUs) in 1973 to about 101.5 quads in 2007. Over this same period, per capita energy consumption decreased by 6.4 percent. The reason for the increase in energy consumption is due to the 43.1 percent increase in the U.S. population.

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