Electronic Game to Stop Violence Against Women

August 12, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Ann DeMarle for this moving statement (see below) about why she is leading the design group for a joint project of Population Media Center and Champlain College to create an electronic game to prevent violence against women. PMC is part of this project for two reasons: the imperative of ending violence against women as a human rights issue and the fact that beaten women are not in a position to negotiate for use of family planning or any other reproductive health care. As you can see, the project is in need of support. Contributions can be made to either Population Media Center or Champlain College and should be designated for the electronic game against gender based violence. Ann’s appeal has already brought in $30,000.

Violence Against Women Electronic Game brochure (836 KB, PDF)

Violence Against Women Electronic Game Summary (Word doc., 55 KB)


Dear family and friends,

It was a little thing, a one year old in a high chair who was playing with her food. But it made her father angry. And he became angry with her young mother. So he threw his glass in the mother’s face…over dinner.

That mother was myself twenty years ago…and I was stuck in a relationship with incidents like that and worse sprinkled throughout. But I was lucky – I had all of you, my family, my friends, my colleagues. And when I finally was able to realize it wasn’t my fault – many of you all helped me get out. And others of you have inspired me to believe in myself and achieve what I never would have believed I could when I was in that relationship. Luckily I am now in the most incredible marriage to my husband Jim and can clearly see the difference that men who know how to love can bring to life!

I am turning to all of you once again.

As many of you may recognize, my life could be a poster for the UN ‘s understanding that violence against women is one of the major sources of poverty. Ending violence against women has become one of the UN Secretary General’s Millennium Development Goals.

For the past year we at Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center have been working with the UNFPA and Population Media Center, under the UNite campaign (http://endviolence.un.org/), on an innovative global game to be played by young boys to change their attitudes about the appropriateness of using violence against women in their lives.

I’m not one to often ask for help but this is a project I deeply believe will have a global impact when completed. This project will be two more years in development but unfortunately in the this difficult financial year, funds have run dry for the 2009 project phase putting a stall on production. We have come to a funding gap this summer of $89,000. So I am asking each of you to help once again with a donation to our project. A project that we believe will help the young men we love grow to be men who can equally love us back.

It is the little things that make a difference; a child and her food, an angry father, a call of support, or five dollars towards this project to create positive change. Please do this little thing – help spread the word to your friends, grow awareness, and offer your support by visiting the student created web site: http://www.emergentmediacenter.com/unvaw

Other information can be found at:
Our blog that tracked our South African research journey and continues to follow project development: http://emc-gamestakeonvaw.blogspot.com
Other info can be found at:
PMC: https://www.populationmedia.org/
UNFPA: http://www.unfpa.org/
United Nations’ Secretary General’s UNite Campaign: http://endviolence.un.org/

Thank you for being there,

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