A way to reward companies that support bringing population into balance with resources

August 27, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Those on this list concerned with population and sustainability issues are aware of corporations with relatively good or bad track records with regard to treatment of the environment or willingness to promote equal rights for women. Some companies play an active role in assisting or blocking efforts to reduce population growth.

An example of a company that falls in the negative camp was described by Mark O’Connor recently. This is a company in Australia that is somewhat rapacious in extracting minerals from underground that is also pushing for population growth in Australia. The motivation, Mark reasons, is to create high unemployment not only to give them cheap laborers, but also to make the government concerned enough about unemployment that they will reduce environmental standards, thus allowing this company to carry out its extraction more quickly and at lower cost.

The letter below from Sarah-Eva Carlson describes a way that members of this list can work together to create an investment index of publicly-traded companies that respect the global environment and support bringing population into balance with natural resources. The YOU index system is one in which an individual or a group like the people on this list can build an index of socially responsible companies that also have good records of returns on investment, so that those who want to reward such companies with their investment dollars can do well while doing good. The YOU system is in its beta form now, and will have a public launch this fall. To be considered for inclusion in any YOU launch PR and/or inclusion at the point of launching some new features and pages this fall, the list itself must be launched by September 2nd.

Sarah-Eva has set up an index for this group called the Population and Global Sustainability Index. As with Wikipedia or any other wiki, the members of this list are invited to collaborate in building an index that is truly representative of the best companies. I have started the index off with listing just one company, Church and Dwight, makers of Trojan condoms. When you enter the site, you will be free to add or remove any company based on your knowledge of their record on sustainability issues. Following are instructions for entering the site. The site can be accessed at www.investinwhoyouare.com. Once you’re on the site, log in using the following username and password.

Username: globalpopsustain
Password: pop649

To access the Population and Global Sustainability Index, click on My Index in the tool bar at the top of the page. To add a company or companies to the list, first scroll to the bottom of the page where you see the companies listed. Click on “Add Stocks.” A pop up will appear. Enter the company name or ticker into the search box, selecting the company for which you are looking from the options provided. Click “Upload and Add.” This will take you to another page where you confirm your selection by clicking on “Update Portfolio.” Once you’ve uploaded the company/companies, return to the top of the page to the area that’s called Index Profile. Click on “Edit” to activate that area. In the description box state the name of the company, who you are if you’d like, and then why you added it to the list. Then click on “Save.” Your changes will automatically appear on the front end of the system.

If you are interested in creating your own list, you can click on “Create New Index” and follow the same instructions (filling out the rest of the areas too). Once you are done, hit “Click to Launch.” You are also welcome to create your own login details so as to build a test portfolio and create further lists. Please contact Investars if you have any questions or comments.

YOU letter from Sarah-Eva Carlson (Word doc., 34 KB)

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