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August 31, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

The following announcement was sent to me by George Plumb.

New England Coalition for Sustainable Population (NECSP)
Executive Director Position Opening

August 24, 2009

The New England Coalition for a Sustainable Population is accepting applications for a full time Executive Director. The mission of the coalition is, “To gradually bring the New England population to a level that is in sustainable balance with its resources through education, networking, and legislative action.” Further information about the organization may be found on its web site necsp.org. Its office is in Chelmsford, Mass. Emphasis will be given to creative public education and policy initiatives that link population stabilization to sustainability; expose the costs of growth; and provide supporting policy recommendations to help all population/environmental organizations to be more effective. Must be able to coordinate legislative and activist initiatives at both local and state levels. Fundraising experience is required.

The primary duties of the Executive Director are to develop and implement programs that help stabilize New England’s human population within the intrinsic limits imposed by the regenerative capacity of the region’s renewable resources; and help guide the implementation of a sustainable economic policy that efficiently keeps overall consumption within the region’s natural carrying capacity without degrading quality of life.

The annual base salary is $43,000 per year, with possibilities of increases based on fundraising and program successes; three weeks of paid leave will be provided per year.

Applicants must have a college degree, a demonstrated interest in environmental studies and sustainability issues, and a passion for dealing with population growth as the main cause of most of our environmental problems and many of our social problems. Applicants must be confident public speakers and able to deal with the media, political leaders, academia, and heads of other non-profit organizations. Problem solving and conflict resolution skills are therefore particularly important.

Please send applications electronically to George Plumb, NECSP Chairman, at gplumb@pshift.com Applications must include a cover letter of no more than two pages, a resume of no more than two pages, and two letters of reference of no more than one page, preferably from a current or former employer or professional colleague.

The position will remain open until filled.

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