End of the Line for Fish Stocks

September 3, 2009 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to John Rowley of People and the Planet for this article.

The release this month, on both sides of the Atlantic, of the film The End of the Line has stirred renewed public concern over the relentless plunder of the planet’s fish stocks – and has led some food chains and supermarkets to step up their efforts to source their fish products more carefully.

It has also coincided with a rash of international meetings and reports on the plight of whales (large and small), and of sharks and tuna species, some of which are already on the road to extinction. Unfortunately the outcome of such meetings does not provide much hope that governments will get a grip on the problem. Those that have signed up to the international tuna treaty “have totally failed to come up with ways to cap fishing capacity” says WWF. Most are failing to follow the advice of their own scientists and making little progress in reducing illegal fishing and overfishing.

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